24/7 Emergency Leak Response

DRI Tech’s Roof Leak Repair Guarantee

Even after your roofing project is complete, there could still be dozens of things that could cause a roof to leak. Depending on where your structure is located, it could be susceptible to any number of outside elements such as falling trees, excessive wind, powerful thunderstorms or other natural occurrences that your roof may be exposed to. These harsh acts of mother nature may not only damage your property but may cause roof leaks that can be a real problem. Roof leaks can not only be a real nuisance to those that use your structure, but water damage from these leaks can cause massive amounts of property damage that you may forced to incur later down the line.

One of the guarantees we offer on any roof in install is our 24/7 Emergency Leak Repair services. If for any reason at all a leak occurs on one a roof in your structure, our contractors will fix it free of charge. Our phones will answer 24/7 so that we can handle your leak emergency at any time of day during any day of the week. At DRI Tech, we are committed to providing you not only the best quality roof installation, but the most convenient customer service possible.