Architectural Sheet Metal

Architectural Sheet Metal Fabrication

Architectural sheet metal refers to a special kind of metal roofing, typically those involving some sort of steep slope. Many roofs that require specialized architectural sheet metal roofs tend to be slightly older and more historic projects. Older establishments such as churches, historic buildings, and many others may need specific architectural roofing materials in order to replace them while still preserving their unique look and feel.

Here at DRI Tech, we make sure to treat every project differently as we understand that different buildings may have challenges that are specific to them only. That’s why we take the time to personally fabricate your architectural sheet metal in our warehouse. This process allows us to cater to your building’s specific needs by creating a completely customized sheet metal roof.

If you’re building is in need of an architectural roofing system, please give us a call today. Our past experience will allow us to give you a fair and accurate quote on what the costs of your project should be.