Fascia / Soffits

The fascia and soffit are both vital parts of any structure that not many are aware exist. However, both are instrumental in protecting your property from the outside elements as well as keeping unwanted intruders outside.

What Are Fascia and Soffits?

The fascia is the wooden part of the roof line that extends all the way around the building and can be found just behind the gutters.

The soffit is the underside of the eave of your house that closes any space that exists beneath the eave.

Fascias and soffits can be damaged in numerous ways. One of the most common problems that fascias and soffits face is being exposed to persistent water damage. While sometimes this may just look like your fascia and soffit need a new paint job, it is often times a much larger problem. Extensive water damage can cause these materials to rot eventually causing the nails to pull loose. This is no good for for structures as rotten/broken fascias and soffits may cause problems such as:

  • Exposure to harsh weather conditions: Rain, snow wind
  • Birds, Bees and insects nesting in your structure. This can cause unsafe and unsanitary conditions within your own confines
  • Rabbits and rodents finding their way into the building. Once inside, these rodents may do their business in your attic or other parts of your building

Fascia/Soffit Installation & Repair In Las Vegas

Fortunately, faulty fascia and soffits are a relatively inexpensive fix. If you notice that your fascia or soffits have been considerably rotted or damaged give us a call immediately. Our experienced servicemen will remove any debris behind your fascia and completely replace your fascia board and damaged soffits. Call us today for a free consultation.